The story of call of duty 4

I found some pictures¬† that I find very similar to a level in the COD4 single player campign, check them out you’ll probably find them too.

The pictures are from Chernobyl. I think the creators took the pictures and tried to recreate the scenes for the game from them.


2 Responses to “The story of call of duty 4”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Just randomly came across your post. The pictures are from Prypiat, not Chernobyl. (The powerplant was in Prypiat, which is in the Chernobyl district, the city of Chernobyl is some distance away.) The level in COD4 is set in Prypiat, so it would only be natural for the game developers to attempt to recreate the environment as accurately as possible. They really did do an excellent job.

  2. steammaker Says:

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