Low sensitivity script

This script is really useful, when you’re using a rifle.

This script will set down your sensitivity when you press fire, but only when you press fire. You can toggle this on and off by binding the “lov” alias.

//You can change the sensitivity to your playing style
alias myse “sensitivity 4.0”
alias +lov “sensitivity 3.0; w; +attack”
alias -lov “myse; w; -attack”
alias lov “lov1”
alias lov1 “bind mouse1 +lov; d1; echo LOW SENSITIVITY ON; d0; alias lov lov2”
alias lov2 “bind mouse1 +attack; d1; echo LOW SENSITIVITY OFF; d0; alias lov lov1”
alias w “wait”
alias d1 “developer 1”
alias d0 “developer 0”
bind “z” “lov”

Replace z with any button.



Description: This script drops your gun so enemies only get ammo in the gun (none for reload),throws any he grenade, and kills yourself so enemies don’t get cash for your dead body.

alias +cyanide “weapon_mp5navy; weapon_p90; weapon_tmp; weapon_ump45; weapon_mac10; weapon_ak47; weapon_sg552; weapon_m4a1; weapon_aug; weapon_m3; weapon_xm1014; weapon_scout; weapon_awp; weapon_g3sg1; weapon_sg550; weapon_m249; drop; weapon_glock18; weapon_usp; weapon_deagle; weapon_p228; weapon_elite; weapon_fiveseven; drop; he_grenade; wait; wait; +attack”
alias -cyanide “-attack; wait; wait; kill”

bind “F12” “+cyanide”

Razer DiamondBack

I recently got this awesome mouse, and I can clearly state that is the best i had so far. The way you hold it, it’s weight, size, look only shows you that is made by a team devoted to gamers. But anything i would say about Razer it would be in vain as you probably already know it. Playing Counter strike 1.6 is awesome, i get more frags than ever, also it works perfect when I’m using photoshop or flash

With its host of innovative features, the Razer Diamondback™ gaming mouse has successfully fragged its way to the top of many a gamer’s list. Its ambidextrous form factor, coupled with a high-precision engine and programmable buttons, makes it the crucial tactical advantage that every gamer must have.
1600dpi Optical Sensor
At 1600dpi, the Razer Diamondback™ is twice as precise as conventional mice with high-performance optical sensors.
Seven Independently Programmable Buttons
The Razer Diamondback™ allows gamers to program button functions while Razer’s Hyperesponse™ technology reduces latency for optimum gameplay.
On-The-Fly Sensitivity™
With On-The-Fly Sensitivity™ adjustment, you can switch sensitivity settings right in the midst of a fierce battle!

Technical Specifications

  • 1600dpi optical sensor
  • Seven independently programmable buttons
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity™ adjustment
  • Always-On™ mode
  • Ultra-large non-slip buttons
  • 6400 frames per second (5.8 megapixels per second)
  • 16-bit ultra-wide data path
  • Up to 40 inches per second and 15g of acceleration
  • GlowPipe™ non-slip side rails
  • Ergonomic ambidextrous design
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ Teflon feet
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • Seven-foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord
  • Approximate size: 129mm (length) x 63mm (width) x 38.5mm (height)
  • Chameleon Green and Salamander Red translucent chassis options available

System Requirements

Windows 2000 / XP / X64 / Vista
Available USB port
CD-ROM Drive (for drivers)
At least 35MB of hard disk space (for drivers)

Counter strike scripts.

I’ve decided to start posting scripts, scripts that helped me grow as a counter strike player through the years.

I’ll start with a simple one.

The bomb jump, it’s useless but is really funny. You need to have the bomb. Just replace the “X” with whatever key you don’t use.
alias w2 “wait; wait”
alias w3 “w2; wait”
alias w4 “w2; w2”
alias w5 “w3; w2”
alias qpist “slot2; w2; +attack; w2; -attack”

alias +bombjump “qpist; w5; +attack; w5; w5; +reload; w5; w5; w5; weapon_c4; w5; w5; +jump”
alias -bombjump “-attack; w5; w5; w5; w5;-reload; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; -jump”

bind “x” “+bombjump”

I usually do it at the end of the round, after I pwned some CT butt.

To use the script you’ll have to copy it in your config file, save it in your counter strike\cstrike directory and the use the exec file.cfg .

Counter-Strike Lag issue

I wanted to post this page for my friends who constantly blame latency for every headshot they get, and it pisses me off when I get a double kill, they call me lucky and blame the lag. Well do this things and you won’t have any lag.

First make sure your windows is running correctly, don’t have too many processes(about 35).

Close your firewall while you are playing, after you’ve finished playing restart your firewall.

Scan for viruses i would suggest AVG Antivirus, also scan for spyware and malware.

After you’ve done this start Counter strike. There are a bunch of settings that will make counter strike go better, but they depend on your system. You should set your video card to render OpenGL at a resolution that you are most comfortable with(I had it set at 640 x 480 even though i’ve got a good computer,I’ll tell you in another toutorial why i’m playing with this screen size.) Set your color depth to 16 bits. Bring down the console useing the “`” key. If it doesn’t come down, enter a game and type console 1(using the default key to say – y).

here you type the following: cl_updaterate 35; cl_cmdrate 101;rate 25000; cl_fpsmax 101;cl_fpsmodem 101.

there are more commands you can use, to get more fps from your game.

Here is a small script you can use to change your settings:

Toggles certain network related settings to better suit your connection. I suggest starting with the highest ’08’ setting, and slowly moving down until you see your ping start to decrease.

bind – “rateDOWN”
bind = “rateUP”
alias rateUP “rate75”
alias rateDOWN “rate25”
alias rate200 “ex_interp .10; rate 3000; cl_cmdrate 30; cl_updaterate 20; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [——-#] 08 – High Ping; devoff; alias rateDOWN rate175”
alias rate175 “ex_interp .10; rate 5000; cl_cmdrate 40; cl_updaterate 20; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [——#-] 07 – High Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate200; alias rateDOWN rate150”
alias rate150 “ex_interp .10; rate 7500; cl_cmdrate 50; cl_updaterate 30; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [—–#–] 06 – High Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate175; alias rateDOWN rate125”
alias rate125 “ex_interp .10; rate 9000; cl_cmdrate 60; cl_updaterate 30; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [—-#—] 05 – Normal Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate150; alias rateDOWN rate100”
alias rate100 “ex_interp .10; rate 10000; cl_cmdrate 70; cl_updaterate 35; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [—#—-] 04 – Normal Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate125; alias rateDOWN rate75”
alias rate75 “ex_interp .075; rate 15000; cl_cmdrate 80; cl_updaterate 30; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [–#—–] 03 – Low Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate100; alias rateDOWN rate50”
alias rate50 “ex_interp .050; rate 20000; cl_cmdrate 90; cl_updaterate 40; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [-#——] 02 – Low Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate75; alias rateDOWN rate25”
alias rate25 “ex_interp .025; rate 25000; cl_cmdrate 100; cl_updaterate 40; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [#——-] 01 – Low Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate50”


Now to use this, open a new notepad file, copy and paste the script (from the ——– to ———– 🙂 in case you didn’t knew that :P). Save the file in the counter strike directory\cstrike and name it lag.cfg.

After you’ve done this enter counter strike, and if you feel like you have lag just use this command in the console: exec lag.cfg(or whatever name it has) and starting from #8 just adjust it with the pg down and pg up keys.

Hope it helps, if it doesn’t, please do leave a comment and I’ll try to help you as best as i can.

GL & HF.

Pure servers.

Updates to the Source Engine have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:
Pure Servers * Servers can now force the client to match the server’s files, by becoming a pure server. When a server enables sv_pure, clients who connect and play on the server cannot gain an advantage by modifying the game content. For more information about Pure Servers, click here.

Definition: A ‘pure server’ is a server that forces all clients on the server to use content that matches what is on the server. This way, clients who are playing on the server cannot cheat by modifying the game content.

Without pure servers, clients could modify their materials, sounds, and models to give them advantages in the game. They might allow themselves to see through walls, make enemy models larger or brighter, or make certain sounds louder, thus giving them an advantage while playing.

Source Engine

* In-game server browser only shows human players in the player counts column.
Bots column now shows number of bots instead of a “some bots” or “no bots” icon
* Fixed servers with bots reporting incorrect number of bots when sv_master_legacy_mode is set to 0
* Fixed a server performance problem with queued packets
* Increased the maximum rate to 1 megabyte
* Added a findflags console command, which can list all cvars with a specified flag.
For example: ‘findflags server_can_execute’ will find all console variables and commands marked with                                FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE
* Cheat protected many cvars and commands
* Removed cl_restrict_server_commands to prevent clients from being redirected
* Fixed user names reported as “unconnected” when greater than 32k players had connected to the server
* Fixed a client crash during authentication
* Fixed a crash when mashing the ~ key on disconnect
* Fixed a bug with sv_minrate and sv_maxrate not applying properly on the client
* Fixed the free roaming camera in SourceTV demos
* Fixed cl_language archiving itself and not updating correctly when the language changed
* Fixed a voice recording bug that could cause voice dropouts
* Fixed a rare crash when spectating in Counter-Strike: Source

Install and configure Counter Strike

1. Installation
This part of the tutorial will cover on how to install the correct CS and patch so you can play on GG.

1.1. Installing CS

a) Download CS 1.6 here
b) Install CS 1.6

1.2. Installing the Correct Patch

a) Download CS 1.6 v22 Patch here
b) Install the patch on the Valve folder (C:\Program files\Valve\)

1.3. Configuring GG for CS
Option 1
a) On the GG Platform main screen click on Settings
b) Click on Counter Strike 1.6
c) Select browse and find hl.exe (C:\Program files\Valve\hl.exe)
d) On the field “Game Bootstrap” type in “-game cstrike”

Option 2
a) On the GG Platform main screen click on Settings
b) Click on Counter Strike 1.6
c) Click search, and then click search again (GG Client will find hl.exe and enter the bootstrap automatically.)

2. Playing on GG

2.1. Playing on a local server

a) Join any room located in the CS 1.6 category
b) Click on “Start Game”
c) Click on “Find Servers”
d) Click on “LAN”
e) Double click the game you wish to join

2.2. Playing on the CS Ladder

a) Join any room located in the CS 1.6 category
b) Click on “Start Game”
c) Enter the console by pressing the “‘” key
d) Type connect and followed by the IP. (example: connect

Note: the Ladder servers are being updated, and they will soon be listed here

Note 2: Ladder servers CAN NOT be seen in the “LAN”, only trough the Connect command or by double-clicking the server (Upcoming in GG)

3. Patch Compability and Information

3.1. About the Patches

A patch is something like an update. They were released almost every month when CS 1.6 was still new. They mostly include bug fixes, small graphic updates,

game balancing fixes, new console commands and etc. In most patches the updates are mostly for Valve online gaming, so you might not notice a big difference

in between them.

3.2. Compability Between Patches

Note: If you have a different patch then the server you are trying to join, you are most likely to not see the server at all.
I know v22 is compatible with v23, but v24 and after are not compatible with v22.

If you have a newer patch installed, you cannot patch back to an older version, but instead, you will have to re-install CS 1.6, and then install the older patch.

The default patch for GG Gaming Client is v22. You can find it in the Download section.

Here is a link to all Counter Strike 1.6 updates:
http://www.steampowered.com/plat … Counter-Strike.html

4. FAQ

Q: I have installed CS 1.6 and the patch, but I still can’t see the games. What’s going on?
A: Probably there are no servers created, or you have no connection between the host.

Q: How do I gain connection to the host?
A: Find the host in the player’s list and GG Tunnel him. If you get a ping, then try refreshing the LAN on CS.

Q: I joined the game, but it’s too laggy and I can barely play. How can I fix this?
A: The only thing you can do is close all internet-consuming programs, such as MSN, Skype, Yahoo! and IE.

Q: What would be the proper latency to play CS 1.6?
A: If your latency with the host is between 0 to 150 you can still play normally, beyond that you will most likely get killed by lag.

Q: I joined the CS Ladder server but I keep getting kicked. Why?
A: The server uses AMX Mod which automatically kicks users with pings higher then 200.

5. Download Links

CS 1.6 fresh version (no patches)
(Mirror 1) Herehttp://soc.cdpa.nsysu.edu.tw/Hal … e/cs16full_zbot.zip
(Mirror 2) Herehttp://muerte.interkar.pl/ftp/cs/cs16full_v7.exe
(Mirror 3) Hereftp://files.isurgut.ru/Games/CS/cs16full-v7.exe
(Mirror 4) Herehttp://cs.wire.lv/files/cs16full_v6-cs_wire_lv.exe
(Mirror 5) Herehttp://soc.cdpa.nsysu.edu.tw/Hal … e/cs16full_zbot.zip
(Mirror 6) Herehttp://cs.sugardas.lt/downloads/Counter-Strike_1.6_full

CS 1.6 Patch v22
(Mirror 1) Herehttp://cs.northnet.ru/downloads/patches/cs16patch_full_V22.exe
(Mirror 2) Herehttp://files.filefront.com/cs16patch+full+V22exe/;8457815;/fileinfo.html

6. Credits

Special thanks to eternaL.wait of GG gaming