CoD 4 patch 1.4

A new patch is out for Call of duty : Modern Warfare – 1.4

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Call of duty 4. Cracked servers. Patch.

First of all I want to tell you that if you like the game, BUY IT!

Whit this out of the way, lets get down to business.

After you have installed COD4 get the 1.3 patch from here . Backup your exe files before you install it.

After this you are ready to go.Here is a list of servers that youll really enjoy playing

NoBS Has redone all there COD4 Servers, and we now have all of ourĀ  servers are cracked. With Different game types.

Ranked & Cracked HARDCORE MODE 32 Slots

Cracked 64 Player All weapons Unlocked, all Perks Unlocked

Ranked+Cracked 32 slot

Ranked+Cracked SD only(classic SD like cod2, 60 sec timer, anyone can plant) 42 Slots

See ya on the killing fields!

Buy counter-strike.

I recently read that my country is one of top ranked country’s in Europe as it has more than 60 % of home users using ilegal software.

In response to that i’m posting a link to a secure plac from where to buy counter- strike. Come on people, it’s only 10 $.

It’s worth it.

Now, for those of you that want Counter strike source here is where you can get it .This one goes for 19$