Bad Company – interview with Jamie Keen.

Get an in-depth look at one of DICE’s favorite Bad Company maps, Harvest Day, as Jamie Keen takes you through some of the strategic elements. Make sure to keep you eyes on the gold soldier!

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What is the 360 made of?

Did you wonder what the xBox 360 is made of?Here is the exact system configuration. The hardware on this console is pretty amazing.

For this next-generation Xbox, Microsoft is not just building a great gaming system, but also a great entertainment platform.

One of the things that excites me the most about the Xbox 360 is its advanced hardware specs. Yes, yes, I know, Microsoft says that “in the HD Era the platform is bigger than the processor” and I agree with that, but I can’t help thinking about the things that this hardware will be able to pull off.

The Xbox 360 represents a technological breakthrough only possible because of the hard work of hundreds of masterminds around the world who converged to create the ultimate gaming machine. Unreal Engine 3-powered games running at 1280×720 with full screen anti-aliasing? Not a problem for the Xbox 360.

Хboх 360 System Performance – Draft
Custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU
  • 3 symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each
  • 2 hardware threads per core; 6 hardware threads total
  • 1 VMX-128 vector unit per core; 3 total
  • 128 VMX-128 registers per hardware thread
  • 1 MB L2 cache
CPU Game Math Performance

  • 9 billion dot product operations per second

Custom ATI Graphics Processor

  • 500 MHz
  • 10 MB embedded DRAM
  • 48-way parallel floating-point dynamically-scheduled shader pipelines
  • Unified shader architecture

Polygon Performance

  • 500 million triangles per second

Pixel Fill Rate

  • 16 gigasamples per second fillrate using 4X MSAA

Shader Performance

  • 48 billion shader operations per second


  • 512 MB GDDR3 RAM
  • 700 MHz DDR
  • Unified memory architecture

Memory Bandwidth

  • 22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth
  • 256 GB/s memory bandwidth to EDRAM
  • 21.6 GB/s front-side bus

Overall System Floating-Point Performance

  • 1 TFLOP


  • Detachable and upgradeable 20 GB hard drive
  • 12X dual-layer DVD-ROM
  • Memory unit support starting at 64 MB


  • Support for up to 4 wireless game controllers
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports
  • 2 memory unit slots

Optimized for Online

  • Instant, out-of-the-box access to Xbox Live features, including Xbox Live Marketplace for downloadable content, Gamer Profile for digital identity and voice chat to talk to friends while playing games, watching movies or listening to music
  • Built in Ethernet Port
  • Wi-Fi Ready: 802.11 A, B and G
  • Video Camera Ready

Digital Media Support

  • Support for DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, WMA CD, MP3 CD, JPEG Photo CD
  • Stream media from portable music devices, digital cameras, Windows XP PCs
  • Rip music to Xbox 360 hard drive
  • Custom playlists in every game
  • Windows Media Center Extender built in
  • Interactive, full screen 3D visualizers

HD Game Support

  • All games supported at 16:9, 720p and 1080i, anti-aliasing
  • Standard definition and high definition video output supported


  • Multichannel surround sound output
  • Supports 48 KHz 16-bit audio
  • 320 independent decompression channels
  • 32-bit audio processing
  • Over 256 audio channels

System Orientation

  • Stands vertically or horizontally

Customizable Face Plates

  • Interchangeable to personalize the console

Key Highlights

Hardware, software, and services: Unveiled to the world on MTV on Thursday, May 12, 2005, Xbox 360 represents a dramatic leap forward in high-definition gaming and entertainment experiences. Fusing powerful hardware, software, and services, Xbox 360 fully engages you in a gaming experience that is more expansive, dramatic, and lifelike, where the possibilities are limitless and your imagination knows no boundaries. The next generation is here.

Industrial design: A merger of form and function, Xbox 360 wraps powerful technology in a sophisticated exterior. Two of the most innovative design firms in the world—San Francisco-based Astro Studios and Osaka, Japan-based Hers Experimental Design Laboratory Inc.—came together to craft a sleek, stylish system that conveys the very essence of Xbox 360.

Xbox Gamer Guide: The Xbox Gamer Guide is an entertainment gateway that instantly connects you to your games, friends, music, movies, and downloadable content. Available at a touch of the Xbox Guide Button, the Xbox Gamer Guide gives you instant access to the experiences and content you want, from the gamer card of the player that just invited you to play online to new downloadable content for the game currently running.

Personalized interface: Xbox 360 lets you create your own unique system and experience. With interchangeable Xbox 360 Faces, it’s easy and fun to change the appearance of your console. Switch on your system and customize the look and feel of the Xbox Gamer Guide and Xbox System Guide with unique “skins.” From sleek and sophisticated to fun and funky, pick the Faces and skins that show your personality.

Ring of Light and Xbox Guide Button: Divided into four quadrants, the glowing Ring of Light and Xbox Guide Button visually connect you to your games, digital media, and the world of Xbox Live, the first global, unified online console games service. Featured on both the wireless and wired controllers, the Xbox Guide Button puts you in control of your experience. In addition to bringing up the Xbox Gamer Guide and the Xbox System Guide, the Xbox Guide Button lets you turn the system on and off without ever leaving the couch.

Xbox Live: Xbox Live is where games and entertainment come alive, the only unified place where you can play with anyone, anytime, anywhere. And the best just got better. Connect your Xbox 360 to your broadband connection and get instant access to Xbox Live Silver. Express your digital identity through your Gamertag and gamer card, talk with others using voice chat, and access Xbox Live Marketplace—all right out of the box, at no extra cost. Upgrade to Xbox Live Gold and enter the exciting world of multiplayer online gaming. With intelligent matchmaking, access to all your achievements and statistics, video chat and video messaging, and an enormous selection of games, Xbox Live Gold delivers your competition, on your terms.

Xbox Live Marketplace: Keep your favorite games fresh with instant access to new content. Xbox Live Marketplace is a one-stop shop to download new game trailers, demos, and episodic content, plus new game levels, maps, weapons, vehicles, skins, and more. Accessible to everyone who establishes a broadband connection with their Xbox 360, Xbox Live Marketplace lets you personalize and extend your experience, on demand.

Games: Xbox 360 redefines what games look like, sound like, feel like, and play like to engage you like never before. With Xbox 360, epic worlds are alive with detail, from thunderous skies rumbling over a mountain range to tiny blades of grass rustling together in the breeze. Vibrant characters display depth of emotion to evoke more dramatic responses, immersing you in the experience like never before. You’ll see all Xbox 360 titles at 720p and 1080i resolution in 16:9 widescreen, with anti-aliasing for smooth, movie-like graphics and multi-channel surround sound.

Digital entertainment: Amplify your music, photos, video, and TV. Watch progressive-scan DVD movies right out of the box. Rip music to the Xbox 360 hard drive and share your latest digital pictures with friends. Make the connection, and Xbox 360 instantly streams the digital media stored on your MP3 player, digital camera, Media Center PC, or any Microsoft Windows XP-based PC.

This are the official hardware configuration, they were posted by the team that developed the console.

The Best vs The Worst gaming consoles ever.

I’ve got this awesome videos about gaming consoles. I know this is a very debated and very controversial subject but in my opinion this two videos are pretty true regarding the video consoles.
Top ten worst consoles

Top ten Best Consoles

No more heroes for Wii

Wii strikes again with another great game: No more heroes.

It’s an awesome and fun game, a game that we had waited for since like forever, a mature action Wii game like we’ve never seen before: “This is the mature Wii action title you’ve been waiting for, and theres nothing else quite like it.”

The Story:

Lucky for Travis Touchdown, he just knocked off the world’s eleventh best without breaking a sweat. The life of fame and fortune couldn’t be closer. Heads will roll and names will be taken, but everything is not what it seems.

Story It all started after Travis was assigned to take on the drifter known as Helter Skelter, the United Assassin Association’s 11th ranked assassin.
After a grueling battle, Travis emerged the winner, collected the spoils of battle and claimed his title as the new 11th ranked assassin. Story
Story However, the situation turns out to be more complicated than Travis first thought. It is after the mysterious beauty, Sylvia Christel, appears that the real adventure begins.

Counter-Strike Lag issue

I wanted to post this page for my friends who constantly blame latency for every headshot they get, and it pisses me off when I get a double kill, they call me lucky and blame the lag. Well do this things and you won’t have any lag.

First make sure your windows is running correctly, don’t have too many processes(about 35).

Close your firewall while you are playing, after you’ve finished playing restart your firewall.

Scan for viruses i would suggest AVG Antivirus, also scan for spyware and malware.

After you’ve done this start Counter strike. There are a bunch of settings that will make counter strike go better, but they depend on your system. You should set your video card to render OpenGL at a resolution that you are most comfortable with(I had it set at 640 x 480 even though i’ve got a good computer,I’ll tell you in another toutorial why i’m playing with this screen size.) Set your color depth to 16 bits. Bring down the console useing the “`” key. If it doesn’t come down, enter a game and type console 1(using the default key to say – y).

here you type the following: cl_updaterate 35; cl_cmdrate 101;rate 25000; cl_fpsmax 101;cl_fpsmodem 101.

there are more commands you can use, to get more fps from your game.

Here is a small script you can use to change your settings:

Toggles certain network related settings to better suit your connection. I suggest starting with the highest ’08’ setting, and slowly moving down until you see your ping start to decrease.

bind – “rateDOWN”
bind = “rateUP”
alias rateUP “rate75”
alias rateDOWN “rate25”
alias rate200 “ex_interp .10; rate 3000; cl_cmdrate 30; cl_updaterate 20; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [——-#] 08 – High Ping; devoff; alias rateDOWN rate175”
alias rate175 “ex_interp .10; rate 5000; cl_cmdrate 40; cl_updaterate 20; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [——#-] 07 – High Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate200; alias rateDOWN rate150”
alias rate150 “ex_interp .10; rate 7500; cl_cmdrate 50; cl_updaterate 30; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [—–#–] 06 – High Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate175; alias rateDOWN rate125”
alias rate125 “ex_interp .10; rate 9000; cl_cmdrate 60; cl_updaterate 30; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [—-#—] 05 – Normal Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate150; alias rateDOWN rate100”
alias rate100 “ex_interp .10; rate 10000; cl_cmdrate 70; cl_updaterate 35; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [—#—-] 04 – Normal Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate125; alias rateDOWN rate75”
alias rate75 “ex_interp .075; rate 15000; cl_cmdrate 80; cl_updaterate 30; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [–#—–] 03 – Low Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate100; alias rateDOWN rate50”
alias rate50 “ex_interp .050; rate 20000; cl_cmdrate 90; cl_updaterate 40; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [-#——] 02 – Low Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate75; alias rateDOWN rate25”
alias rate25 “ex_interp .025; rate 25000; cl_cmdrate 100; cl_updaterate 40; devon; echo Counter-Strike Ping Setup: [#——-] 01 – Low Ping; devoff; alias rateUP rate50”


Now to use this, open a new notepad file, copy and paste the script (from the ——– to ———– 🙂 in case you didn’t knew that :P). Save the file in the counter strike directory\cstrike and name it lag.cfg.

After you’ve done this enter counter strike, and if you feel like you have lag just use this command in the console: exec lag.cfg(or whatever name it has) and starting from #8 just adjust it with the pg down and pg up keys.

Hope it helps, if it doesn’t, please do leave a comment and I’ll try to help you as best as i can.

GL & HF.

Pure servers.

Updates to the Source Engine have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:
Pure Servers * Servers can now force the client to match the server’s files, by becoming a pure server. When a server enables sv_pure, clients who connect and play on the server cannot gain an advantage by modifying the game content. For more information about Pure Servers, click here.

Definition: A ‘pure server’ is a server that forces all clients on the server to use content that matches what is on the server. This way, clients who are playing on the server cannot cheat by modifying the game content.

Without pure servers, clients could modify their materials, sounds, and models to give them advantages in the game. They might allow themselves to see through walls, make enemy models larger or brighter, or make certain sounds louder, thus giving them an advantage while playing.

Source Engine

* In-game server browser only shows human players in the player counts column.
Bots column now shows number of bots instead of a “some bots” or “no bots” icon
* Fixed servers with bots reporting incorrect number of bots when sv_master_legacy_mode is set to 0
* Fixed a server performance problem with queued packets
* Increased the maximum rate to 1 megabyte
* Added a findflags console command, which can list all cvars with a specified flag.
For example: ‘findflags server_can_execute’ will find all console variables and commands marked with                                FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE
* Cheat protected many cvars and commands
* Removed cl_restrict_server_commands to prevent clients from being redirected
* Fixed user names reported as “unconnected” when greater than 32k players had connected to the server
* Fixed a client crash during authentication
* Fixed a crash when mashing the ~ key on disconnect
* Fixed a bug with sv_minrate and sv_maxrate not applying properly on the client
* Fixed the free roaming camera in SourceTV demos
* Fixed cl_language archiving itself and not updating correctly when the language changed
* Fixed a voice recording bug that could cause voice dropouts
* Fixed a rare crash when spectating in Counter-Strike: Source