Devil may cry 4

Sure, Devil May Cry 4 has been out on consoles since last February, but PC gamers have been forced to wait until July for their version of Capcom’s latest dose of demon-slaying action. Well, if you’re one such PC gamer, at least you can get a taste for how DMC4 will run on your rig right now — Capcom has released a new demo, which you can download now at FileFront. The demo comes in at 804.05 MB, and presents a 10 minute chunk of the game that culminates in a boss fight.

And you may well want to test the game out on your rig, because Capcom is going out of their way to ensure that you’ll get as much out of DMC4 as your PC will allow. When they announced the PC version back in April, Capcom revealed a few new additions, including “turbo mode,” which will boost the speed of the game to the limit of what your processor can handle, and “legendary dark knight” mode, which will “fill the screen with an unbelievable number of enemies for extra difficulty.”

Yeah, you can probably assume a 360 controller will be mandatory to play this thing.


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