Sims 3 new photos and info.

Ea has posted some photos of sims 3. Here is a fan made movie with the those photos:

Nancy Smith, President, The Sims Label speaks about one of the most successful games of all time. Here is the entyre interview.

Here are some of the features in Sims 3:

– Seamless Nhood: Your Sim can visit neighbors, parks and shops without a loading screen.
– All the neighboring Sims will live their life and age simultaniously as your Sim (They’ll get married, get jobs,etc).
– The game will ship with 1 Neighborhood.
– That Nhood will consist of about 97 different lots.
– When the game is out, you can download towns, made by other people.
– All buildings in the Nhood can be interacted with, so no prop buildings.
– Confirmed community places are: Pool, Park, Bistro, Clothing store, City Hall and Bookstore.
– The Nhood can expand by users and/or by expansionpacks.
– You can zoom out to see the whole Nhood at once or zoom in to a single Sim.

– Personality sliders are reduced from 8 to 3, one being a Fun to Stress meter. Bladder, Hygiene, etc. are still there but hidden.
– Sims 3 have Traits. Choose 5 from around 80 types like Dreamer, Evil, Playful, etc. These Traits will affect how a Sim behaves towards others and affects their moods, like the mood of an Outdoorsperson will raise when he/she is outside. An evil Sim may slap another Sim.
– Traits could be passed down, and actions a Sim does during her pregnancy will affect the traits of her offspring.
– Moodlets instead of a moodbar. If something happens like a marriage, the Sim gets a moodlet. These moodlets will affect your Sims’ mood and give abilities like learning faster. An example: Getting fired will get you a long lasting, big impact moodlet, while going to a small party will get them a short, non-dramatic moodlet.
– They will look after themselves better.
– Sims have certain skills like cooking or fishing.
– You can fulfil needs by simply clicking on an icon.
– Instead of fixed interaction (like Talk or Joke), the options are filtered on your current Mood or your Traits.
– Sims can aquire Dreams. Like if your Sim sees that a Neigbor has a big tv, your Sim can get a Dream to want one too. You decide then, to turn it into a Promise. Ignoring a Dream is ok, but ignoring a Promise gives you negative repercussions.

– You can follow your Sim in its car to work. You won’t see your Sim working though; He/She will disapear in the building.
– Advancing in career is changed as it depends on skills, personality, relationship with colleagues/boss and even certain goals that has to be fulfilled. For example taking work home.
– 2 Confirmed careers are Cooking and Science.
– Sims can take part-time jobs.

– Body can be shaped as faces were in Sims 2.
– There are sliders for weight and fitness.
– Arm and legs are seperate so you can have a fat body and thin arms.
– Sims you created fat, can become thin by exersizing, thin created people get fat by eating a lot.
– You can choose specific Asian and African models.
– You can choose a Sims’ favorite color, music type, food, etc.
– Shoes are seperate and can also choose barefoot.
– Clothes are customizable from CAS; Change the color of a certain piece of clothes or use your own patterns.

Misc:- Sims can cook and fish. Buy groceries or grow the food yourself.
– The game has been made so that will also run smoothly on older PC’s.
– Clothes, furniture and homes can be customized.
– You can use your own patterns/colours and then apply it to anything through a drag-and-drop interface.
– The game will have modding tools built into it.
– There’s no online multiplayer
– You can pick up items (garbage, books,etc) yourself with a Hand cursor.
– Wind will move the trees.
– Paintings that a Sim makes, will be unique to each Sim. It’s based on its personality and mood.

Things that will not change:
– Sims still talk in Simlish
– Sims can still pee their pants, die of hunger, etc.
– Confirmed ages: Baby, Children, Adult, Elder.
– There are still thought bubbles that tell which needs must be fulfilled like Hunger. These bubbles show in the control panel though and not hover over the Sims’ head.
– Sims still have an inventory system to put things in like groceries.
– There will be expansions (duh).
– There are still same-sex couples and they can still adopt children.
– You can still design, build, and furnish a home.,397382,index.html


50 Responses to “Sims 3 new photos and info.”

  1. Sims 3 Fan Says:

    The picture in the middle looks amazing, is that really sims 3?

  2. addicted2sims Says:

    i’m so excited for sims3. it looks more realistic and will be mucho fun!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone know if you keep a family in the lot bin if they will age? I ask this because my sim family takes up about two homes and I play both and while I play 1 family I don’t want the other to age!!! Also do you get to create your own towns like the sims 2?

  4. Meg Says:

    Wait, we can choose thier favorite colors and music type? How will that work?

  5. Kelly Says:

    Omg can’t wait till it cums out can you have twins still!and the fashion is great!!!

  6. nikola Says:

    Mozete li napraviti dete koje lezi na krevetu na sprat????
    ja sam iz Srbije…(l am from Serbia)……

  7. jdfoafkhaklj Says:

    i hate that we still worry about the bladder needs and hunger needs too though, but im still really excited!

  8. deedee Says:

    You dont worry about the bladder or needs you take care of theyre dreams example: rockstarr!

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