A 360 and two hookers

This is one of the best news I’ve heard in a long time. A kid from Texas who was angry at his dad, who was a big hotshot lawyer and who didn’t threw him a birthday party, stole his credit card and went a shopping spree with his friends which were the same age as he was. He bought them food drinks, a bunch of gadgets an XBox 360,a motel room and ::drums:: 2 hookers. When the 2 hookers came to the apartament and saw the kids they wanted to leave but as dumb as they were, they believed the kids who told them they were, and I quote, “people of restricted growth working with a traveling circus” and they should get the same “services ” as anybody else. The hookers sat with the kids and played Halo 3 only for a couple of hours as the guy who delivered duzens of bags of Fritos, Dr. Pepper and Oreos saw something was wrong and called the authorities.The kid spent about 30 000 $ on the stuff he bought.

In the end, young Ralph Hardy, was sentenced to 3 years in the comunity service. His dad mumbled that he will take his son to Disneyland. Ralph also said that when he will growup he will be a politician.


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