Genre: Goty
Release: Fall 2008
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: Insomniac Games

First Official Screens released!

The inevitable sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man has finally been unveiled.

It’s the cover story on the February issue of US magazine Game Informer. The game will feature boasts co-operative play for up to eight players, plus enormous 60-player battles over PSN.

On top of this are two full campaigns (one may be a co-operative endeavour) set in what could be New York, if the Brooklyn Bridge-alike on the cover is anything to go by. We’ll call it Earth for now.

There is no clarification as to whether Manchester Cathedral will return for a cameo.

Resistance was developed by Ratchet & Clank brainbox Insomniac Games and launched alongside the PS3 in the US and Europe.

Unfortunately it failed to command top-end scores; the game was chastised for its generic environments and enemies and a disappointing range of weaponry from a usually abundant creative talent. “Just a bit limp,” reckons Tom.

• One campaign focusing on Nathan Hale across 1950’s USA invaded by the Chimera.
Game starts out with Hale getting shot down in Iceland (this is the first level) and the country getting overrun by the Chimera. He barely manages to escape alive back to the USA. Nathan Hale is there recruited into a top secret program called the Sentinels, other soldiers who are immune to the virus. Alongside each other they train and prepare for the war. Two years go by and then the shit hits the fans. The Chimera invades with hundreds of gigantic crafts attacking both coastal shores of the USA. UNITED WE FALL.
• One campaign specifically crafted for Co-op focusing on a squad of soldiers, supports 2 players offline, 8 players Online (Co-op). Story runs parallel to the singleplayer with a bit more focus on level flow instead of story presentation. Each players have different classes.
• Online Multiplayer (dedicated servers with faster matchmaking than any game before) supporting 60 people, lobbies for individual squads. Each squad is given different objectives and the (huge) levels flow such that it’s squad versus squad instead of hoping everyone together.
• Classes for Co-op, templates include Heavy which is equipped with a chaingun and is powered by the amount of kills he makes which again recharges a mobile shield. There’s a Special Ops class that has a re-engineered bullseye rifle with scope functionality and extreme stopping power. Also there’s a Medic class equipped with a Medicator gun that shoots red damaging bolts at enemies and blue healing bolts at comrades.
• Mobile phone quality headset voice transfer
• Huge graphical leap with textures being sharp both close and far away. Shaders, shadowing and lighting greatly improved. Game also has a much wider color palette.
• Scaled AI so what’s closer to the player and in view gets more sophisticated behavior compared to those far away.
• Randomized layout for certain areas in the Co-op campaign (also procedurally animated clouds).
• Boss fights in FPS gaming finally done right, enemies far bigger than the tallest seen in the original game.
• New creatures including Chameleons.
• Insane stat tracking & Community features coupled with Fully featured profile pages at that site tying in with social networking concepts. Clans and Parties can be open with no invites needed and more.


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