OMG Thief 4!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the news this morning, everybody is talking about it, there are rumors about a new Thief game: Thief 4. No official news were ginven but I really hope those rumors are true, I’ve loved the Thief series, especially Thief 3 which is one of my alltime favorite game. There were several clues from which lead to the conclusion that there might be another Thief. Here is an interesting article I’ve got from

Thief 4 infiltrating Eidos Montreal?

Source: Eidos Montreal hinted that the title for its next “AAA” project after the recently announced Deus Ex 3 will begin with a “T” on its official Web site (check the blurb on the bottom-right of the screen). That led to widespread speculation that the studio would be bringing back another Eidos-owned PC franchise with a cult following, Thief.

What we heard: “T” is for “tease.” As in, Eidos Montreal is a horrible tease for toying with true Thief fans’ emotions like this.

When one thinks of Eidos franchises beginning with the letter “T,” Tomb Raider is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But the next Tomb Raider game–Underworld–has already been unveiled, and is being developed by Crystal Dynamics. Underworld is also far enough out on the release schedule–fourth quarter of 2008–that it seems unlikely Eidos Montreal would already be gearing up for the follow-up.

That leaves Thief as the natural next choice, considering other Eidos-published “T” games like TimeSplitters and Thuderstrike: Operation Phoenix are either owned by other studios, or would be bizarre choices to bring back. Add into this that elsewhere on the Eidos Montreal site the studio says its first two games “will revive successful franchises” and the studio’s next project seems certain.

The official story: An Eidos representative said the company had no comment on the matter.

Bogus or not bogus?: Unless Eidos is full of sadists who enjoy dashing their customers’ hopes, this one is not bogus.

I really hope more news will be out soon, and I promise I’ll keep youall posted as soon as i hear something new.

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