World in Conflict.

This is a great game, the story line just pulls you in and you never want to stop. This game had me up tell 3 or 4 in the morning, i couldn’t sleep, i just wanted to play this game. This game has great multi player, play up to 16 people. I just finished this game and i wish it wasn’t over. The campaign has the best story lines in any game i have ever played. This is why i gave it a 10, and if you haven’t play this game you should buy it. It will run on a lot of computers, so go out there and GET THIS GAME!

By now you all know what the story is about so I’ll skip the details and say that the “alternate universe” idea is a very cool twist and something a little more original that the same ol’ story lines we see these days. This game pulls you in and makes you want to continue to play it through the end. It could’ve been longer in the end but that is the sign of a good game as well… Something that leaves you wanting more. Tactical part of the game isn’t much different than and AOE, Starcraft game. Load up and blast away. Only you don’t have to worry about your town or base being attacked. The unit cap actually works in this game since there is always several different battles and objectives going on at the same time. Let’s you focus on what part you have to play in the big picture around you.

I really agree with the people that gave it such a high rating, it’s an awesome game, the graphics are stunning, the controls make you feel like you are actually giving direct orders to your men, and the sound is so amazing(Alec Baldwin made the story line), the whole game leaves you with a feeling that your money had been well spend on an awesome game.


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