DirectX 11.

Heard rumours about this, but now every body is talking about this new and inovating  way to create real life effects. Here is what i’ve found about this new direct x.

According to a confidential source, Microsoft has decided to switch to ray-tracing in DirectX 11. They also plan to have DirectX 11 ready in time to debut with Windows Vista Service Pack 2. To do that, they have also decided to base it on the x86 architecture and Intel’s ray-tracing engine. There are rumours that Intel did more than just “suggest” it to Microsoft, but that’s another story altogether.

As DirectX 11 is a work in progress, Microsoft does not have an exact timeline. But the source claims that DirectX 11 could be part of Windows Vista by late 2008. Development is expected to be very short as much of the work had already been done by Intel. Coincidence?

You need not worry about your old raster-based DirectX 10 or older games or graphics cards. DirectX 11 will continue to support rasterization. It just includes support for ray-tracing as well. There will be two DirectX 11 modes, based on support by the application and the hardware (see table on the right).

Ray-tracing -this was new for me, and I looked   it up, here you can learn more about it.


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