Assassin’s Creed – The trilogy.

Lately I kept hearing rummours about a trilogy being planned for Assassin’s creed, I love the plan, another assassin’s creed would be really nice right about now :D. The next Assassins’s creed will probably about a ninja in Japan in medevil time, and the third one should be about an assassin in Central America.

Ubisoft didn’t officially stated anything about the trilogy but I hope they will start the development as soon as possible.

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3 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed – The trilogy.”

  1. Scott Says:

    Did you play the game at all? It should follow the same story line that was left wide open at the end of the first game.

  2. liam Says:

    i thote that i was TOO open ended was dissapointed at the anti climax…. i hope there is a trilogy

  3. daniel Says:

    yea did you play it?
    how can you make assumptions of the trilogy when the ending of AC was pretty much screaming the answer about what the next game will be about. if there is one that is.

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