Worms for Wii

Wormy funsters THQ have announced an exclusive new game in the works for Wii, Worms: A Space Oddity.

I’ve seen this on gameSpot and it looks awesome, oh man, playing it on Wii is soo awesome, too bad it does not have any online mode, but there is a 4 player mode-thats the cool part of the nintendo wii, the multiplayers game on the same machine. The game is fairly new as it only came out in the third week of March 2008, and didn’t get enough attention from the Wii comunity, not that I’m worried it won’t get any attention because it will, but people didn’t even knew there will be a Worms game for Wii until a couple of mounths ago.

The game looks fun but the weapons arsenal is a little slim, it has like 10 weapons and another 7 gadgets, like a shovel or a teleportation machine. The holy bomb is still here along with the suicide sheep ^^, which are so much fun.

There is even a single player story behind this game, but it’s not even close as fun as the battle you’ll have with your friends.


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