Viking: Battle for Asgard

As Skarin, you must battle the gods of the Norse pantheon and their hordes of minions to save the mortal realm of Midgard and prevent Ragnarok.

Genre: Action
Release Date: Mar 25, 2008

Even since it was announced I loved this game, it had such high quality graphics and the fighting system was cool, even had the finish hit(when you knock out an enemy, you can finish him). But it is kind of linear, you just go from town to town killing dudes on the way, and even with the amazing graphics still get a little too boring.

Even the whole head chopping and hack ‘n slashing the game still has to prove that it can keep you playing for 13 hours, and unless his going to have a great story it will be like …Fall of liberty, which I really hoped to be a better  game…but thats a different subject.

Anyways, hope a PC version will be availible soon.


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