Dark Sector.

Genre: Sci-Fi Shooter
Release Date: Mar 25, 2008
Players: 1 Player + Multiplayer mode
Dark Sector certainly made a splash back in early 2004 when Digital Extremes unveiled it as the first game in development exclusively for next-gen hardware. Plenty of great-looking games have shipped since then, but Dark Sector looks as though it’s still holding its own, running on the company’s internally developed Sector engine. We were particularly impressed by the lighting effects–at one point Tenno walked by some boarded-up windows and we saw the light. There’s also some nice detail in the characters. For instance, when the player melee-killed one of those machete soldiers by snapping his neck, the attack actually knocked the guy’s mask upwards, and we were able to see his fully modeled face behind it.

Even after seeing the trailers I’m still not convinced of this games quality as I am really bored of space shooters and one man army fighting a bunch of aliens to save the day. The level of detail that this game has still impressed me the most,  at one point when the character snaps the neck of an NPC, his mask of that guy moves and you can clearly see the shape of his face, and this is just one of the many things that got me interested in this game.

It’s going to be released on PS 3 and xBox 360 on March 25, and with all the attention this game has got in the past few days, I saw a lot of people complaining about the poor story about the ninja the was dropped in space and after a radio active poisoning it got a metal arm with a magical glaive…when actually it’s not that bad, it’s about a CIA agent who was on a mission when he got infected with a virus, and mutated…who am I kidding, the story sucks! I am sooo bored of this kind of games – merciless,tough, immortal  marine killing aliens – but the game still is good as Digital Arts noticed that the gamers are also sick of playing space cowboy and instead of having an avergrown space suit(like Doom 3 or gears of war) it has la nice outfit and instead of having some huge weapons has the normal weapons (rifle had gun, shotgun) and that cool glaive.  The glaive, I think, it was an awesome concept, as it has all this cool feautres  you can guide it in a 1’st person mode and it can catch on fire or if you hit an electrical panel it gets elctrified and gives you a lot of options from where to chose when you wanna kill an opponent.

The gameplay it’s still up for debate because the game won’t come out for another week and before i actually play it I won’t make any statements in that area, but from the trailers I’ve seen, it looks pretty dull, hope thats not true. If the story will be similar to the graphics quality we won’t have any problems.


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    pangit kaayo na

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