Max Payne 3?

Browsing through some website I’ve heard an interesting rumor regarding one of my favorite game series: Max Payne, and even though it might not be a real thing, I still was pleased with my find.

“What we heard: During a presentation to analysts in March 2004, then-Take-Two CEO Jeffrey L. Lapin lamented “poor” sales of Max Payne 2, blaming them for his company’s lackluster earnings. He then promptly announced his company’s intention to make another installment in the series. “There’ll be another Max Payne,” he told attendees of the 17th Annual Bear Stearns Media, Entertainment and Information Conference. “I think we’ll take a few years to make the next one that much more spectacular is what we have to do. But it’s clearly a brand that everybody knows.”
Since then, a few years–four, to be exact–have passed. During that time, Take-Two released the best-selling game in its history, endured a massive scandal, saw a stockolder revolt, and became the subject of a takeover bid by Electronic Arts. After Original Max Payne developer Remedy began work on the 360 and PC title Alan Wake–which has been almost as elusive as the next Max Payne game.
After a prolonged silence, Take-Two name-checked the series again during an earnings call on September 11, 2007. “In addition to Grand Theft Auto, our roster of million-plus-selling, wholly-owned brands includes BioShock, Civilization, Midnight Club, Max Payne, Red Dead Revolver, Manhunt and Bully,” CEO Ben Feder said. “We fully intend to leverage these products, which are on development cycles that should complement and counterbalance each other.” (Emphasis added.)

Nor did the publisher’s deliberate ambiguity stop an analyst from asking CEO Straus Zelnick about the game in a post-earnings conference call today. When asked directly about when the Max Payne–which is currently being adapted into a film–would reappear in game form, Zelnick dodged the question–but also left a tantalizing hint. “In terms of Max Payne, we will sell no wine before its time. It’s a little early to comment on any particular title,” he said. “But we have a lot of interesting things going on.”
The official story: Given Rockstar Games’ semi-autonomous nature inside Take-Two’s corporate structure, Take-Two reps passed along GameSpot’s inquires to the New York-based publisher, which had closed for the day. However, it’s worth noting that in the same phone call, Zelnick promised “sequels to some of Rockstar’s AAA titles” were set for Take-Two’s 2009 financial year, which begins on November 1–leading many to speculate Max Payne 3 could be among them.
Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus that Max Payne 3 has been announced for 2009. However, the fact Take-Two has repeatedly said there will be a new installment in the Max Payne franchise makes it seem like there will almost certainly be one…eventually.”

Hope Take-Two will clear the mystery anytime soon.

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51 Responses to “Max Payne 3?”

  1. ron "the max payne" ashby Says:

    I hope it comes out soon because i like max payne 1and2 it to hard it means cool

  2. reborn2603 Says:

    we all hope it will come soon, i personally loved max payne 1 and 2:)

  3. Vindy Says:

    Max Payne series rock!!!!
    Take a bow remedy group and rockstar games

  4. Subigya Says:

    i m a die hard fan of this game,,i want the next part to be even breath catching n eye popping,,,

  5. F-M@n Says:

    let’s do it Bring out the Game!!
    Max Payne 3
    what are they waiting for this game will make a bundle$$

  6. vinnie Says:

    I LOVE MAX PAYNE I GOT THEM BOTH THE DATE THEY CAME OUT….PLEASE MAKE A MAX PAYNE 3 IT’LL BE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. vinnie Says:

    MAX PAYNE MAX PAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. vinnie Says:

    ILL SUCK HIM OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. reborn2603 Says:

    lol vinnie :)), chill.

  10. max fan Says:

    i have completed max payne1 and max payne 2. Now i want max payne 3. When will it release ? i have been waiting for it since 2004

  11. Alin Says:

    i love max payne! :X

  12. Arjun Says:

    the best game evr made by rockstar teams.. i ve played both.. with word to word… it gave the feeling as if im takin revenge for ma loved ones… damn expecting bout the next release…

  13. Arun Says:

    I’ve played both max1 & 2 iam also waiting for the yoyo of max

  14. balaji Says:

    my all time favorite max payne 1 ,, damn so cool , love much , bring them out soon !! ~ eager to have em

  15. shahid Says:

    download max payne 3 free

  16. ROHIT BISHT Says:

    right now i playing max pyne 2 and i am too wait for max pyne’s next version

  17. Brad Says:

    Max Payne you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What are they waiting for

  18. Anonymous Says:

    max payne es lo mejor es el mejor juego que he jugado

  19. goldeneyes2009 Says:

    Tell me brother !! what do you know about max payne 3 ??
    Rock on vinnie !! I’ll do the same thing 🙂

  20. sanketposhe Says:

    when will max payne 3 gonna release
    iam waiting for it
    i hve played max payne 1 & 2 three times n completed

  21. @bhishek Says:

    really man…………………..max payne 3 will b rockin…………i m desperate to get d game!!!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Max Payne a di boss!

  23. "$pooK $+YL3" Says:

    The only muthaphukkin game titer den San Andreas, Halo 3, and Madden 09 iz Max Payne! That game is da best Game eva made by far. 1 and 2 are probably da best games for PS2 that eva came out

  24. 3NeMiE Says:

    hell yea. i caint believe dey finally comin out wit a new one. shyt Rockstar how long did it duz it take 2 cum out witta notha tight ass game. GT4 wasnt evn tight. Max Payne better b or ima boycott yall shyt

  25. vivek bond Says:

    max u r really rock&rock i want some description about maxpayne3

  26. vivek bond Says:

    max really u rock all gamethe and u r bestest game in all game me my frnd like u very much….

  27. W35+$¡Đ£ Says:

    max payne is cool. especially n the 2nd game. Mona iz
    Sexi 2.

  28. ÃŁŚ£ÑØ #¡łľ Says:

    aw shyt anotha max payne. ima bouta ejaculate! awwww shyt! i love Monas ass. She was bettr den Max!

  29. lupino Says:

    Bring me my favourite hero back to my screen!!!!

    Been waiting ages for this return…

    I am a hardcore fun of Max…

  30. akshay chaphekar Says:

    i want max payne 3 to release as soon as possible

  31. sameh Says:


  32. sObZ Says:

    mAx PaYnE \m/ssssssssss…!!!!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    i got max payne 3….yappee

  34. praveen Says:

    max payne is a cool game to play with .there are lot of fans for this game

  35. baban Says:

    maxpayne 3 will be full of actions

  36. vend Says:

    I love max payne sow much.because game is very nice

  37. vi Says:

    waiting for it……………………………….

  38. ady Says:

    Max Payne is the best!!!

  39. computer games Says:

    I have played Max Payne before and it’s a great game, so I think the third part must be cool.

  40. farmville cheats Says:

    My favorite game Max Payne series, Mario series. Max Payne 3 will be coming out soon 🙂 Still waiting…

  41. Mariann Greet Says:

    This is just typical in my opinion all parties except the BNP are enouraging terrorists. they should carpet bomb them flat. What about OUR rights?!?!

  42. Farmville Says:

    Max Payne series is my favorite, especially max payne 3

  43. Death Knight Guide Says:

    Max Payne series rules!

  44. Earn Says:

    max pyne 2 is still my favorite.

  45. Irina Essix Says:

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  46. Chae Whitter Says:

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  47. HFM Solutions Says:

    I have played Max Payne before and it’s a great game….Hope for the best…

  48. pozycjonowanie Says:

    Hm… I don’t understand some words, but thx, I will be back on weekend.

  49. Aurora Roell Says:

    Howdy I waschecking out a couple sites on google and i found your blog. I need to say that you have a great blog here. You’re writing is quality and now a days ya dont find that on many sites. Keep up the great job and I willsurelyadded you to my favorites. Once again thank you. and have a amazing day!

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