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  • PC Resource Center

    Considering the high price of PCs and the complicated configuration process, you may wonder why everyone hasn’t abandoned the PC for the console systems yet. People remain loyal to the PC platform because it’s on the cutting edge of gaming. Game developers love the consoles because the hardware always stays the same, but superstar tech developers such as Epic, id, and Crytek all make games on the PC because that’s where you find the most powerful graphics technology.


    If you’re in the market for a gaming PC, the most important hardware components to consider are the video card, the processor, and the system memory. The video card plays the biggest role in how your games look and how well they run. You’ll also need a decent processor, and be sure to get at least 1GB of system memory, 2GB for optimal performance.

    Yes, the PC is more expensive than a game console, and configuring a machine requires an alarming amount of homework. At the same time, if you’re going to get a PC for Web browsing, word processing, and basic multimedia functionality, then you might as well get one that can play games, too.

  • PC Video Cards

    Find out what you need to know about video cards before buying a new PC or upgrading an existing system.

  • PC Processors

    You need a good processor to go alongside that video card. Find out about current processor trends and how they affect game performance.

  • PC Laptops

    You won’t be able to find a laptop that can outperform a fully loaded desktop, but you’ll find plenty that can compete with a midrange system and offer a lot more versatility.

  • PC Accessories

    Complete your system with the right mouse, keyboard, and headset.

  • PC FAQ

    PC gaming can be confusing for beginners. Do you need Windows Vista? Can I play games on a Mac? Find out in our FAQ.


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