Grand teft auto 4 – April 29 2008.


Recently, websites all across the gaming universe were treated to a sneak-preview of Grand Theft Auto IV.  Here is what some of the most renowned among them had to say:

“Grand Theft Auto IV is looking fantastic at this point…We, for one, can’t wait for its release.” – IGN

“It’s time to start getting excited for GTA IV because it’s going to be one of the biggest games in 2008.” –

“Rockstar’s defining moment.” – 1up

“As far as the visuals go, it should go without saying that the game is looking pretty slick on the Xbox 360 with the environments continuing to gain a sexy layer of polish.” – GameSpot

“What we’ve been shown so far not only meets our expectations for a next-gen GTA, but completely surpassed them.” – GameTrailersThe official website is online


3 Responses to “Grand teft auto 4 – April 29 2008.”

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