What headphones should I get?

Thats exactly what I asked myself about a week ago. Now you’ll probably say, just buy the Sennheiser HD 650 (499 $) or Sennheiser PC 150 (90$). The only thing was that I didn’t had a ton of money to spend on them, so picking the best headphones was truly a challenge.

The first head phones I tried were Gembird AP-5.1 which were good, i was looking for some headphones for First person shooters, and they were great, i was often accused of cheating as i knew exactly were to expect the enemy due to the surround sound. Even though the manufacturer is not as known as Sennheiser is, Gembird AP-5.1 were good. I was surprised when I saw that they were plug n’ play USB, also I was a little worried that they might not sound as good as the normal headphones but they worked just fine. They have adjustable microphone holder, volume control, and really soft leather ear pads. And everything was good until after wearing them a couple of hours i realized that my ears and head hurt because of the “ingenious” format of the entire headset. And because they are plugged through USB it often comes in conflict with my speakers. For example if was playing Counter Strike, and I wanted to switch from my speakers to my headphones i would have to go to control panel\sound devices and set the output to be the USB headphones, and after i would have done that i would have to restart the game. But there is one more annoying thing about them, those useless lights at the volume control, they keeps bugging you, till you’ll tape something over them, or better yet break the LED’s.

As I wasn’t so  Gembird AP-5.1 headphones, and neither my friends, I bought a new headset, A4Tech hs 60. And i was pleased, they have a really low price and they are really comfortable, at work i use to wear them for like 4 straight hours, and never had any complains.


·Superior Microphone Technology for Clean and Crisp Sound
·Ergonomic Rectangular Ear pods
·Extreme Comfort from Superior Design
·Removable Covers, Washable as well
·Built with Durable Lightweight Material
·In Line Volume Control on the power Cord, easy to control Microphone Switch Also (Pause/Stop)
·Adjustable Headset Length- easy to adjust and fits any head shape!
·Interior Foam Lined earpiece – keeps your ears cool and comfortable!
They have a low cost and have really good performance, in fact I’m using them right now:)


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