Yahoo messenger 9.0 Beta

So i recently upgraded my messenger to 9.0 and i got to say it’s quite good. I love the fact that you can watch the videos from youtube inside your IM window, and you can watch it together with other contacts, it still has a couple of bugs that have to get fixed but other than that i love it.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta:

  • A whole new look for your contact list. Keep it in detail view to see larger Avatar images for your friends, or switch to compact list view (in the Contacts menu). Plus, you can just hover and click to IM, SMS or call a friend.
  • Brand new skins and emoticons! Click the dot near the top of your Messenger window to choose a skin, and check the emoticon menu for the new ones that were inspired by user entries in our Emoticontest earlier this year (more on our winners in a future post).
  • New Flickr integration in the photo sharing feature. Easily share photos from your account, or save photos shared with you directly to Flickr.
  • A new in-line media player that makes it easy to view maps, photos and videos from sites like Yahoo! Video and YouTube right in the IM window. No plug-ins needed, no extra downloads — it’s built right in. Just send a video, map or photo link to another friend who’s also on 9.0 to try it out.
  • New features for voice calls. You can have your incoming Phone In or free PC calls forwarded to another number like your mobile, home or office phone, even if you’re signed out of Messenger (Phone Out account required). Plus there’s a new way to get voicemail. When someone leaves you a voicemail in Messenger, an email is sent to you with an MP3 of the voice message attached.

Download Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta from


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